Updated 9/9/19 – 2020 Registration Open

Registration with TASO will be made online beginning on July 1st using the TASO website. Registration can be completed on the TASO.org website.


The link is in the top right hand corner of each page.

Returning officials will pay $75 for their TASO registration (background check, rules book, insurance, etc.).

For returning officials who do not register before October 17, 2017 a late fee of $25 will be charged by TASO when you register – total $100.

For New officials there is a $75 non-refundable application fee, however if you are accepted, the application fee will satisfy your New Member dues.

TASO Dallas require that all officials are registered with US Soccer as a minimum Grade 8 referee.

The only exception being collegiate athletes playing soccer at the JC/NAIA or Division 1, 2 or 3 level, or those college athletes playing intra-mural soccer or officiating intra-mural soccer.

If you have issues with Registration using the TASO.org website please email our Secretary, Jeff Murray.

Our Chapter also charges a $10 Chapter fee and an $80 assignor fee deposit prior to receiving game assignments. This initial $80 deposit will be used to cover assignor fees and as the season progresses, you may be required to add additional payments to cover assignor fees.  Our chapter also requires a $.50/game fee to cover chapter expenses.

This year our Assignor fees remain $5 for a whistle (center or dual), $4 for an assistant (line).

For illustration purposes, if you are assigned 2 games, a JV line and a V ref, then you will see the following transactions:

  • The school district will pay you a game fee for each game($40/line, $60/center)
  • The school district will pay you a travel fee ($15-$30+ depending on distance from point of reference in Dallas)
  • The chapter will bill you $4 for the line and $5 for the center for assignor fees
  • The chapter will bill you $1 for chapter expenses
  • For this illustration, you will receive $100 + travel from the school district and the chapter will invoice you for $10 for assignor fees and chapter expenses

Assignor fees must be paid in full 14 days after each invoice (monthly) and then 30 days from the end of the season. You must contact the assignors if there are issues that would stop you from paying your dues.

All officials will be required to pass the online test scoring 80 or above – no exceptions. You will NOT be assigned games unless you pass the test. The test is available in English and Spanish.

All officials will also be required to take the online training session when available. This will cover rules changes and other updates. This mandatory training session is required for all officials.

Mandatory referee meeting(s)

All TASO Dallas officials must attend one of the following meetings to review rule changes and Chapter updates.

To complete your TASO registration for the 2019/2020 season you must attend one of the five training sessions. At each of the venues we will conduct a new referee training session. Meetings will start at 6:00 pm and run until 8pm if you are a returning member and 9pm if you are new – (8pm-9pm).
When you log into Arbiter please select one of the five training sessions so we know how many to anticipate at each event.


·         Sep 17 – Richardson Administration Building:
400 S. Greenville Avenue, Richardson, TX 75081
·         Sept 30 – Highland Park
o   4220 Emerson Ave, Dallas Tx 75205
·         Oct 1 – Rockwall High School
901 Yellowjacket Lane, Rockwall 75087
·         Oct 07 – McKinney ISD Stadium
2500 McKinney Ranch Parkway, McKinney 75070
·         Oct 24 – Richardson Administration Building
400 S. Greenville Avenue, Richardson, TX 75081

Dallas ISD Information

Dallas ISD will be using ArbiterPay this season to pay for match fees.

You will need to be registered in Arbiter to receive payments from them. Payments can be deposited directly into a bank account or as a check (although this normally incurs a small fee). Registration will include social security number, bank information, etc.

Assignments will still be made through Game Officials and you will be given a voucher to sign by the stadium coordinator at the match location. Any changes to the crew must be made on this voucher. (It does NOT have social security numbers on this voucher.)

Referees wishing to be considered for Regional and State Championship assignments

Must also pass a fitness test. See below.

The written test must also be passed with a minimum score of 90.

Minimum Acceptable fitness tests are:

USSF State Referee test.

(USSF National Referee/ Assistant referee and FIFA Referee/ Assistant referee tests are acceptable.)

Chapter dues and Assignor Fee Deposit for 2018 can be paid by mailing a check to the following address:

TASO Dallas
PO Box 806
Wylie, TX 75098

Chapter Dues only – $10
Assignor Fee Deposit only – $80
Assignor Fee Deposit AND Chapter Dues – $90

Chapter dues and Assignor Fee Deposit can conveniently be paid online using the following secure payment site.
ALL referees wishing to work in the TASO Dallas region will be required to deposit $80 into their Assignor Fee account.
More information will be available at the registration meetings or from any board member.

Our chapter name is “Dallas Area”, code 10-01-51.


  1. Vladimir says:

    Can you explain please: Definition of chapter name and chapter code.
    Living in Flower Mound.
    Thank you.

  2. What’s the difference between a returning and reinstate member?

    • A returning member was a referee last season. A reinstate member was a referee in previous years, but not last year.

      • Thank you. What form should a member who needs to be reinstated fill out? Also, what about payment?

        • Please use the returning member form, but mark that it is a reinstate. We will need the additional registration fees to pass through to TASO. Initial payment is $95. Sorry, we don’t have a Paypal option for this.

  3. Mike Kraft says:

    Registration paid in full for the HS 2013 – 2014 season. I see that there is a mandatory officials meeting on 11/11. Will we be notified of location and time?

  4. Cinty Tyndall says:

    can I please have someone email my TASO ID # to me? Thanks.

    • Please email our secretary Jeff Murray and he will send it back to you. You can send in your forms and we will fill in your ID.

  5. How can I become a referee? What are the steps? I have plenty of experience playing and coaching soccer. I refereed for a couple of years abroad.

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