For High School Soccer rules, please refer to the rule book which will be provided to you as part of your registration.

Kicks From the Penalty Mark Procedure & Misconduct

1. There shall be a three minute intermission between the end of regular play (or second overtime period if overtime is used as a tie breaker) and the beginning of the kicks from the penalty mark.

2. The referee conducts a coin toss with the visiting team’s captain calling the coin. The team that wins the toss decides whether to take the first or second kick.

3. The referee will select the goal at which the kicks shall take place.

4. The home team shall provide three game balls.

5. Any player on the roster who has not been disqualified is eligible to participate.

6. Coaches, bench personnel, and players other than the kickers and goalkeepers participating in each kick must remain in their team bench areas.

7. Each coach will select five players, which can include the goalkeeper.

8. Once a player has reported to the official at the center circle, that player may not be replaced unless s/he is injured, cautioned or disqualified.

9. The five kicking players from each team must remain in the center circle except the player taking the kick and the two goalkeepers. The official will record the player’s name and number.

10. The goalkeeper who is the teammate of the kicker must remain on the field of play by the intersection of goal line and penalty area line behind the official.

11. The defending team may change the goalkeeper with any eligible player prior to each kick.

12. Kicks will be made by each team in alternating order until each team has taken a total of five kicks, unless one team has scored an insurmountable number of goals.

13. If there is no winner after each team has attempted five kicks each coach will select five players other than the five in the preceding group. If a team has less than ten eligible players (not including the goalkeeper), a player who has previously kicked may be placed at the end of the order. Teams will continue to alternate kicks until one team attains one more goal than its opponent after each has had an equal number of kicks.

14. If the score remains tied, continue the kicks with the coach selecting any five players to take the next set of alternating kicks. If a tie still remains, repeat 13.

15. If a player is unable to continue whether because of injury, caution or disqualification the next player shall kick and the coach will select a player who is not in the current set of five kickers to kick last of that group of five kicks.

The original kicker whose kick was taken (or retaken) by a different player is not counted as having taken a kick.

16. During the kicks from the penalty mark, kicks will continue as long as both teams have at least one eligible player.


All the rules of the game apply except:

1. Violation by the goalkeeper.

If a goal is not scored the same player must take the re-kick. If the kicker is unable to take the re-kick because of injury, caution or disqualification the next player will take the kick.

2. Cautioned players

If a player is cautioned, the player is not eligible to kick until one complete set of five kicks has been completed beyond the set of kicks in which the caution was issued.

If a goalkeeper is cautioned, the goalkeeper must be replaced and cannot re-enter as goalkeeper until the next opponent completes a kick. The goalkeeper is not eligible to kick until one complete set of five kicks has been completed beyond the set of kicks in which the caution was issued.

3. Disqualified players

Disqualified players including the goalkeeper may not participate.