Scrimmages 2019

For the 2020/21 season, the TASO Soccer Dallas Chapter has changed the Scrimmage Game payments where Scrimmage games will now be paid the same fees as regular season games and include the travel allowance for the first game fee. We are also cancelling the $40 per Referee per game set scrimmage fee assessment.
Scrimmage games will have assignments made by the Assignors with normal Assignor fees being owed. The Assignor involvement will better allow for training opportunities with newer Referees being teamed up with experienced Referees.

This change will result in an increase in game fees earned by Referees officiating Scrimmage games and eliminate the administrative work on the part of the Referees, schools and the Chapter. To replace the needed revenue to support the Chapter for Referee Assessment costs and other operating expenses, ALL games assigned to you in Arbiter by the Chapter will have a $0.50 per game Chapter Admin fee assessed.

These fees will be collected from your “Chapter Deposit funds” and are separate from the Assignor fees owed by you to the Assignors ($5 for a whistle, $4 for a flag). The per game Chapter fee of $0.50/official has all Referees contributing to the Chapter expenses on a pro-rata basis and gives the Chapter a more reliable source of income.