High School Soccer Reminders



1) Goals must be anchored down. Check this when you arrive to give the host team a chance to fix this if necessary

2) We are at the matches to provide a safe, fair, enjoyable soccer match for the players don’t let games get dangerous for players – use your management skills and cards to adjust player behavior

3) Make sure your locate the Administrator before the match, and get their name

4) If you need to remove spectators, have the Administrator do this. Stop the clock if necessary

5) Don’t ask for or expect free refreshments

6) If the teams you are expecting to see are not at the pitch – call your assignor

7) If you are missing a referee from your crew – call your assignor

8) Don’t start a match without the correct referee crew, without speaking to your assignor

9) If you are late or will not make an assignment – call your assignor

10) Double check the location and time of the match before you leave to go to the facility

11) Delays happen – we apologize, but we can’t control traffic, school bus delays or the weather

12) No first year referees have a whistle on District matches unless agreed with your Assignor first

13) Don’t shorten matches. Coaches and the Timekeeper can discuss and agree to this, referees don’t do it without consultation

14) Cold weather and rain are not reasons to leave or abandon a match unless it becomes a safety issue. Consult with the coaches if you are not sure

15) A player red card IS an incident and DOES require a UIL incident report

and finally:

16) Coaches are to be warned before sending off (Unless their behavior is extremely irresponsible such as foul and abusive language or threatening behavior). Coaches will get upset and unhappy at times, please use your management skills to keep them in the game.

Use the following approach: Ask, Tell, Tell, Yellow card, Warn, Red card.

(If you do send a coach, another assistant coach, teacher or administrator can take the coaches place – please give the team time to allow this to happen.)
RULES (High School differences)

1) Throw-in’s – one chance only, even if the ball never came in, it goes to the opposition

2) Stop the clock for injuries, cards, penalty kicks, dealing with matters that would delay the match

3) Player injured during play needing treatment, stop the clock and the player must leave the field this includes goal keepers

4) Misconduct handling – a player receiving a caution must leave the field (and may be substituted if requested) – this includes goal keepers

5) Check your Kicks From The Mark procedure and make sure that you know what the format will be if the match ends in a tie (straight to KFTM, ties is a tie, or overtime. Playoffs will always be overtime plus KFTM if necessary)

6) Ankle braces can be worn over the socks

7) Sock tape DOES need to match the socks

8) “Traditional” prosthetic legs with a soccer shoe attached, when wrapped in high density foam per the NFHS Soccer Rule Book are permitted. “Blade” style prosthetic legs are not permitted.


An incident is one of the following:

1) The ejection of a coach, manager, trainer, spectator, or PLAYER

2) The abandonment, termination, suspension of a game, for any reason, including weather
The following process must be used for incident handling:

1) If you have an incident, be sure you have the on-site administrators name, coaches names and player name and number (if involved in the incident)

2) Contact your assignor after the match and advise them that there was an incident

3) All referees must complete the UIL format Incident report and send to your assignor and 2nd VP – the next day

4) The report will be reviewed and you will be informed when you can file the online incident report (the template is on the www.taso.org website) – here is the information you will need to have:

UIL Incident report format:
Your name:
Your position:
Your email:
Your phone number:
Type of incident:
Date of incident:
Level of game:
Game site:
Home School:
Home Coach:
Home Coaches ISD:
Visiting School:
Visiting Coach:
Visiting Coaches ISD:
Describe details of the incident: