High School Soccer Reminders

REFEREE REMINDERS / CLARIFICATIONS MATCH DAY 1) Goals must be anchored down. Check this when you arrive to give the host team a chance to fix this if necessary 2) We are at the matches to provide a safe, fair, enjoyable soccer match for the players don’t let games get dangerous for players – use […]

Soccer Words of Wisdom

WORDS OF WISDOM GO TO THE WEB SITE AND PRINT OUT THE “ETHICS” PORTION Under no circumstances is a referee to contact UIL or TASO without first talking to your assignor, then to the 1st VP, then to the President, and lastly to the District Representative; if whatever the problem is can’t be solved by any […]

TASO Dallas Conduct

TASO OFFICIALS CODE OF CONDUCT     CODE OF CONDUCT   Each member of the TASO shall: Personify the highest moral principles and loyalty to TASO and its members and act in accordance without regard to individual gains. Uphold the Bylaws and legal regulations of the TASO and support the members of the organization and […]

TASO Dallas By-Laws

TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF SPORTS OFFICIALS DALLAS AREA CHAPTER BY-LAWS ARTICLE 1 – ELECTION OF OFFICERS (1) Nomination for the various offices may be made by committee and/or from the floor and/or by written nomination. (2) The election of officers will be by secret ballot. (3) Only the Chapter members in good standing as defined in […]

TASO Dallas Constitution

TEXAS ASSOCIATION OF SPORTS OFFICIALS DALLAS AREA CHAPTER CONSTITUTION ARTICLE 1 – NAME (1) This organization shall be called the Dallas Area Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officials, a Texas non-profit corporation. (2) This organization, hereinafter, shall be referred to as the Chapter. (3) Texas Association of Sports Officials hereinafter, shall be referred […]